"I do not know what else to say except, 'Wow!' What an amazing experience this mission was for my students and for me as an educator."
David Newdeck
Springfield Township Middle School

eMission Scenarios

e-Missions™ are distance learning videoconference simulations in which students connect with a flight director at the Challenger Learning Center and use their problem solving skills and math and science abilities to work their way through a scenario fraught with crises. Each year more than 750 video connections are made to classrooms around the world. In fact, e-Missions have now been delivered to 14 countries in addition to the United States.  President George W. Bush even took part in an e-Mission in 2004. Check out down below the many interesting scenarios you can try out.

Watch an e-Mission in Action

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Available e-Missions


operation montserrat


Grades: 5-9 

cyber surgeons logo

Cyber Surgeons
Grades: 9-12

Moon Mars and Beyond

Moon Mars 
and Beyond
Grades: 3-5

hurricane alert!

Hurricane Alert!
Grades: 5-9

space station alpha logo

Space Station
Grades: 5-12



Grades: 4-6



Grades: 6-8

target moon


Target Moon
Grades: 6-8

Fire Scene Investigation

Fire Scene 
Grades: 6-8