"This was a day that we won’t soon forget. It will certainly be difficult to come up with anything that could top this in the future."
305th MP Company
Family Day


M.A.R.S.The goal of the M.A.R.S. (Martian Aerial Reconnaissance Simulation) mission is to conduct aerial reconnaissance to find the ideal location to build the first Martian base. The ideal location will have to be large enough and have a high level of hematite, a mineral normally formed in the presence of water. Each team controls the flight path of their M.A.R.S. plane trying to visit as many sites as they can before running out of fuel. The navigation specialists compare the different sites, select ones to visit, and calculate fuel consumption throughout the mission. The science/operations specialists calculate the area of the site and the hematite content and then rate each site. The communications specialists relay all information to mission control throughout the mission.


Grades: 6-8

Subjects: math

Standards: rates, geometry, conversion of units, risk management, graphing, graph interpretation, math in everyday life

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